Weekly Goals

As I was reading through some blogs today, I came upon a very good idea — the weekly challenge.  While I’m not going to formally participate in the contest, I really like the idea of setting one goal for the week — just one.  And then adding to that the next week.  As I’ve stated in earlier posts, I tend to try to accomplish too much and end up not doing anything!

So this week, my goal is to run at least 3 miles 3 times this week.

There now it’s out there, so I have to do it.


  1. You can do it!

  2. And my goal for today is to get out there this evening for run #1

  3. Thanks so much for linking to my blog. 😉 I’m glad you liked the weekly idea thing! I really like it too and it helps to break down the goals a bit. Good luck with your running goal!! That’s awesome.

  4. Well I made it. I ran 3x last week, and I feel good about running again! I just had to get over that re-start up period. This week, I again plan on running 3 times (I’ve already done one of the runs), and getting myself to yoga at least twice.

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