Time to Hit the Pavement!

Now that the gorgeous weather is here (at least for a while), I have gotten back into running.  I took a long hiatus after I ran the Seacoast Half Marathon in November and just started back up again about 2 weeks ago.  I wasn’t a total slacker all winter.   I practiced yoga and did some weight training over the past 3-4 months.  Even so, starting up running again is hard.

I have  a running buddy, so I am motivated, my runs have been enjoyable, and we’ve worked our mileage up from about 2.5  to 4 miles. And yesterday, those 4 miles in the almost 80 degree heat were HARD.  It’s hard running in that kind of heat when I’m accustomed to it  in July.  In March it is almost impossible.  We walked around to cool down for a good half hour after that run!

I have even signed up for my first race of the Seacoast Road Race season, The Children’s Museum of NH 5k so I’m feeling pretty good.  Now the trick is to make sure I still make time for yoga.  I’m thinking that the weight training can slide as yoga, besides the stretching, balance and piece of mind, provides a great body weight workout.


  1. Happy running. I can’t even dream of brisk walking in the HOT weather we are reeling under.

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