Want to be Healthy? Eat GOMBS

A friend of mind was telling about Dr. Joel Fuhrman, a family physician who wrote amount other things, Super Immunity. and Eat for Health. He is a nutrition expert who believes that a diet rich in nutritional food can lower cholesterol levels, reverse heart disease and diabetes, and protect us from cancer.

His diet can be summed up with the acronym GOMBS

G: GREEN leafy vegetables, specifically cruciferous dark leafy green vegetables, such as broccoli, spinach. Among other things, these greens are effective at keeping plaque from building up in our blood vessels

O: ONIONS Believe it or not, a study by the Medical Journal of Clinical nutrition found that “people who ate more onions on a regular basis exhibited a 60 to 70% overall reduction in all major cancers including prostate cancer, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer.

M: MUSHROOMS. Studies have shown that women who consume 10 grams of mushrooms were 64% less likely to develop breast cancer, and women who ate 10 g of mushrooms while also simultaneously consuming green tea had a 89% less likely chance of developing breast cancer.

B: BEANS and BERRIES. The Antioxidants in Beans and Berry can help prevent cancer. And, beans and berries are also good for our brain function

S: SEEDS and NUTS. The phytochemicals and fats in raw seeds and nuts help reduce cholesterol and inflammation.




  1. findingourwaynow says:

    I absolutely love this acronym. It is something I am creating a poster for and will be hanging it in my kitchen. Thank you so much for bringing this to my awareness

  2. I love the post. Great acronym. I will remember it while making my meals.

  3. Great article and very helpful. I was just talking with my wife about this very same topic as I would like to incorporate this into our meals and better control my diabetes.


    Angel recently posted It’s Not Always Easy Being Married To A Green

  4. Anonymous says:

    I will do this


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