Back on Track

After being away last weekend and breaking my exercise routine I was able to pull it back together this week.   I actually ran for the first time in a while, a few weeks, oh let’s be honest, in 2 months!  It’s not that I wasn’t exercising, I just wasn’t running.

Here come the excuses — it’s too cold, too windy, too dark; it’s good to let your body rest; I need a break from running.  Well my run felt great.  Even while I was running, my body felt good, and afterwards it felt even better!

Today I got back to yoga after a week off.  Yoga is such a nice complement to running.  It really stretches some of those tight spots that running always seems to cause.

My plan for the rest of the weekend is to run tomorrow and go to yoga on Sunday


  1. Reporting back, Saturday the weather was dreadful. It was pouring! Needless to say I didn’t run, but instead I went to yoga on both Saturday and Sunday

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