The Good and Bad of Healthy Eating

Things happens when you do some research into the foods you eat.  Some good things:

  • You learn about the foods you eat
  • You alter your diet
  • You lose excess weight
  • You get healthier

Some bad things:

  • You give up foods that most people still enjoy — milk, ice cream, sugary desserts, processed foods, etc.
  • You need to learn to enjoy new foods and new cooking techniques  (this could be good or bad)
  • You want to share your knowledge and as a result
  • You drive everyone around you crazy!

In a recent post I talked about the serious health problems associated with drinking cow’s milk as a result, I have been eliminating milk from my diet.  Switching to soy milk in my cereal has been relatively easy.  But what about ice cream, yogurt and half and half for my coffee?  That is proving to be a bit more difficult. (I know I should probably give up coffee too, but there is positive research about coffee and health).

As for driving everyone around me crazy, perhaps I probably shouldn’t refer to the little packets of Equal and Splenda as “poison” when a friend asks me to pass them across the table.  And I’m pretty sure that if I post one more article about the dangers of sugar (like this one) I will lose a few friends!  So, if you want to read a good article, by all means click on the link, and if you don’t, I won’t push it on you!!


  1. Love this! I know I drive my husband with all my “new” healthy eating endeavors. I love to discover new foods and experiment with different healthy eating options. However, I’ve found not everyone shares my enthusiasm!!! 😉 LOL! I loved that article too. The dangers of sugar are very sad, but true. Thanks for this post.

  2. I’m lactose intolerant, so I stay away from dairy for the most part anyway. People keep telling me to get on a prescription so I can eat it, but I have to keep explaining that I don’t really WANT to be eating/drinking that stuff.

    I definitely need to control my sweet tooth (maybe after reading the article I’ll be forever converted), but I have been preaching against all Equal and Splenda type things for years. I think diet drinks are some of the worst things out there and people drink them thinking they are healthier!


    • It seems crazy, our culture is all for lactose intolerant people taking a drug so their body can digest something that is indigestible to it! Unfortunately the dairy industry did a good job convincing us that we NEED dairy for calcium and healthy bones. I always thought so, but the more I read the clearer it is that dairy is not a healthy choice!

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