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I want to share a post from a fellow blogger, Brett Day, writer of NoTimeToW8 a very motivational blog that follows Brett’s weight loss journey.  He very clearly and succinctly stresses the dangers of diet soda.  Read on…

Drink Diet Soda? You Might Want to Reconsider.

If you are one of the millions of Americans who drink diet soda because you think it is a healthier alternative to regular soda, you may want to reconsider opening that next can of diet pop. A new study which has been published by the Journal of General Internal Medicine has shown that drinking diet soda on a daily basis increases your chances of having a stroke or heart attack significantly.This new study which is titled ‘Diet Soft Drink Consumption is Associated with an Increased Risk of Vascular Events in the Northern Manhattan Study‘ was conducted by the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

During this study the University studied the drinking habits of more than 2,500 people over a 10 year period. The results were staggering. The study showed that those who drank diet soda on a daily basis were 43 percent more likely to suffer from a stroke, heart attack, or other vascular condition when compared to those who did not drink it,  even if there were pre-existing vascular conditions in those who did not drink the diet soda. Those who drank less than one per day were also less likely to be at risk of having a heart attack or stroke when compared to those who drank a diet soda every day.

The specific connection between drinking diet soda and having a stroke or heart attack was not clear, despite the overwhelming evidence linking the two together. Researcher Hannah Gardener said; “results suggest a potential association between daily diet soft drink consumption and vascular outcomes. However, the mechanisms by which soft drinks may affect vascular events are unclear”.

For a long time, researchers have believed that artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, and Saccharin play a large role in the increased risk of stroke and heart attack events among those who drink diet soda on a daily basis. Artificial sweeteners have also been linked with other health issues such as tinnitus, headaches, nervous system disorders and even cancer.

Next time you are thirsty do not automatically reach for a can of diet soda, (or any soda) especially if you have had one for the day already. Soft drink makers want you to believe that diet varieties of their soft drinks are better for you, but with a 43 percent increase in your chances of having a life altering event, you have to stop and think; ‘is drinking a soda worth cutting my life short?’.

Make healthy choices and live a long, fruitful life,



  1. What about diet soda sweetened with Stevia?!?!

  2. I don’t know, but I certainly would drink (or eat) Stevia before I ever touch aspartame!

  3. Personally I would stay away from Stevia, Truvia and any other sweetener to be honest. Have a read of this article.


    Hope this helps,

  4. Yeah, I would say unless you are diabetic or borderline diabetic, just use sugar, (but use less) in your coffee and tea, and switch from soda to water for a cold drink.

  5. Thanks for the eye opening post! I enjoy the occasional Diet Coke, but this really made me rethink that!! Thanks!

  6. I imagine that as with most things, moderation is key. An occasional Diet Coke (maybe once a week or so) most likely won’t kill us!

  7. Hi Grace.
    This subject hit home with me as I am a strong advocate AGAINST soda of any kind and diet soda is marketed as a much better alternative which is just not true! I am diabetic and never drink soda, I also raised my kids the same way. Thanks for helping to educate on the subject.
    Pam, (from linked in bloggers)

  8. There was a widely quoted fact years ago that Coke could take the paint off a car… I suspect neither the diet kind or the regular kind are supportive of your body. Thanks for reminding us. I never touch the stuff, but occasionally will put some juice in sparkling water, and that’s delish!

  9. Leslie, I totally agree, sparkling water with a splash of juice is totally refreshing and hydrating!

  10. nope, i don’t drink the stuff. you have a wonderful blog 🙂


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