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Resolutions still going strong into February!

Let’s see how have I been doing with my New Year’s Resolutions….Here are the resolutions that are right on track!

Work on this blog — I concentrated on this blog this month and managed to write a good number of posts thus far this year (8), plus I’ve settled on a look and feel, expanded it to include some healthy recipes. I’ve been more actively publicizing it both on LinkedIn and twitter.  For those of you reading this, thanks!

Exercise — I’ve also been keeping up with my exercise in general, getting in some yoga, weight training and some cardio.

Vitamins — I’ve been very good about taking my vitamins daily, drinking more tea and less coffee.

Write 1 letter each week — One resolution I’m excited about is the 52 letters in 52 weeks challenge.  So far so good!  I’ve written 3 letters and sent 3 cards, so I’m actually ahead of the game!  Let me know if you’d like some “snail mail” and I’ll be happy to send you a written note!

Get together with girlfriends each month — In January 3 college friends and I got together for our semi-annual dinner, and I had lunch with a former work colleague who I hadn’t seen in over a year (Nancy)!  I even got a jump on February by joining other long time friends, Sean and Wendy for dinner.  This was a real treat as I hadn’t seen them in well over 10 years!

I also had a chance to visit Taylor and Kelsey, and go skiing with Kelsey in January.  I’d say I did really well in January!  I will keep it up in February and maybe even tackle some of the others.   My monthly goals for February are to

  1. Get my taxes done
  2. Post more consistently on my media and communications blog:  (feel free to check it out and leave me a comment!)

How are you doing with your resolutions??