Archives for January 8, 2012

Checking in with the Resolutions

The new year is off to a good start.  I find that my New Year’s Resolutions keep me on track!

One of my resolutions was to keep up with this blog, to settle on a look and set up some pages.  What do you think of the new look?

On the exercise front I have been faithfully hitting the gym 2 days a week and yoga 2 days a week.  Perhaps the fact that I am going skiing in Colorado next week has led to my renewed enthusiasm for the gym!  I haven’t been skiing in a few years and so I’ve been doing working up to some heavy squats and lunges in preparation.  Yesterday I even got 30 minutes of cardio in, so while I’m not in ski shape (as I haven’t been skiing) I do feel that I am a little bit more prepared!

And week 1 of my 52 letters in 52 weeks has also gone well.  I started writing a card to a friend who lives out of state and ended up adding both sides of a sheet of paper to the note.  As I haven’t kept in touch with her except by exchanging quick emails, once I started writing, the thoughts kept coming.  I excitedly mailed the letter and look forward to her response!