Revisiting the 2011 Resolutions — How did you do?

As 2011 is winding down, it is probably a good time to look back at those new year’s resolutions and see just how well we did, so we don’t keep making and forgetting the same resolutions year after year! I’ll start —

Weight Resolution — lose 2 more pounds by the end of January.
Result — let’s carry this one over into next year!!

Exercise resolution — practice yoga 2-3 days a week and go to they gym for weights and cardio 2 times a week. Once the weather gets nice again, running twice a week.
Result — Obviously there isn’t enough time in the week to do all this exercise and make work! But, I did do yoga several times a week through the first half of the year, then I stepped up my running big time. I progressed from running 3 miles in April to running a half marathon in November! In between I finished several shorter races.

Nutrition resolution — Eat healthier. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat and junk food. Take my vitamins, calcium and drink more water. Be aware of what I am eating so I know when I am full, and stop.
Result — I did pretty good on this front. I definitely am eating healthier, mostly remembering my vitamins and not always eating everything on my plate.

Vacation Resolution — Take a family vacation
Result — We’ll push this one into 2012 as well

Personal Relationships Resolution — Call, visit or write (as in a real letter and send through the US Mail) 2 different people each week.
Result — Pretty good on this front. Especially once I reread these resolutions and got off 2 quick cards!

Financial Resolution
— Save more money for the future
Result — Doing well on this resolution. Unfortunately the stock market isn’t cooperating and the banks are paying next to nothing so my money isn’t growing, but at least I’m saving…First things first.

2-3 private Resolutions
Result — mixed, as a matter of fact one of them I decided I really didn’t want to accomplish anyway!


  1. I’ve never been a big fan of the New Year’s Resolution thing, but I admit that last year I did set some. As I had left the corporate world and started my own business, it seemed like a good thing to do. I’m happy to say I hit about 90% of mine–including the financial goals! I’ll likely do it again this year, but I’ll probably just call it “strategic planning.” 😉


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