Fox Point 5K Road Race

I’ve been running in a bunch of road races this summer. I signed up for the Seacoast Road Race Series. It keeps you going from race to race! Wow, I haven’t run in a road race series in a long time…15 years or so! The prize at the end (besides the exercise and camaraderie) is a jacket. I will wear it proudly.

Yesterday was the Fox Point Sunset 5 Miler. What a great race. It made a loop around historic Newington village, along the oldest town forest in the U.S. and Great Bay. I ran the race with my new running buddy Sarah and I felt good! Well the initial 1/2 mile felt horrible, but then things settled in and we maintained a fairly consistent 8:20 per mile pace. Around mile 4 we hilly part of the course and slowed down slightly, but I finished in 42:20 — an 8:29 pace. I am very, very happy with that. While I haven’t run a 5 miler this season, so far my best 10K pace was 8:46, and my 5K pace was 8:32. Besides the time, I’ve been inching up in my age group standings, this race I finished 5 out of 50 (in my age group). Top 10!

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