Running a Road Race

It’s been 5 years since I’ve run a race, and I’m going to run the Market Square Day 10K in 2 weeks! Training has been tough, but kind of fun. At first, I hurt, really hurt, after each run. But I’ve feeling better each time. The exciting news is that I ran the route on Saturday (6.2 miles!) and it felt good. Monday I ran 5 and last night (Tues) I ran 6 again. Yippee! A few weeks ago, I was seriously doubting that I could do 6 at all. My pace is not too good, but at least I know I can finish the race strong.
I’ve been training with a group from Runners Alley in Portsmouth. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday evening in front of the store and head out as a group. Last night we went out to Newcastle and ran along the river. It was very scenic. The coaches are great, very motivating. They have coaxed us from 2 mile runs to 6 miles over the past few weeks, and even thrown in some hill training and speed work! It has been so much fun, I almost gave serious thought to continuing after the race to train for the Seacoast Half Marathon…. Then I came to my senses and remembered that I am older than I used to be and even 6 miles is pushing my limits!

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