Preparing for Market Square 10k

I’ve started my running training program this week. The program is being run by Runner’s Alley in Portsmouth. The final goal is the Market Square Day 10k. Wow, the last time I ran that was at least 15 years ago. All I remember is that it was raining, no pouring, and I got a great shirt, nice logo!

I ran 3 miles on Tuesday with the group, and 2 miles today. My program calls for a total of 8 this week. I think I will achieve that! I’m taking tomorrow off (as I’ll be having dinner with friends instead), then another 2-3 miles on either Friday and/or Saturday. Well so far so good!

The group run was fun. At least 20 people showed up. We ran from the store on Congress Street out to Pearce Island and back. A nice, comfortable 2 mile run. As a matter of fact, they even email us the route ahead of time so we know where we are going, I am looking forward to the next group run.

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