An Overweight Nation

As a nation we are overweight, don’t admit it and aren’t doing anything about it!

According to a 2010 Gallup Poll, on average, 62% of Americans are overweight. Only 19% are their ideal weight and 11% are underweight.

The average man weighs 193 pounds, 12 pounds higher than the average ideal of 181. 59% of men in the US are overweight, 22% are their ideal weight and 15% are underweight.

The average woman weighs 159 pounds, 19 pounds more than the average ideal weight of 140 pounds. 60% of US women are overweight, 17% are at their ideal weight, and 9% are underweight.

Despite these facts, 57% of Americans describe their weight as “about right”! Yet, 54% of Americans say they want to lose weight, and only 27% are actively trying to do so!

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