Bikram Yoga — Class 2

I managed to go back to Bikram yoga yesterday. I figure I should go a few times to give it a fair shake before I make a decision on whether or not it is for me. My second class was actually harder than the first! I think that is because in my first class I was just trying to get through the class and do everything as best I could, while this time I was concentrating on trying to do things with the right form, and so needless to say it was tougher! I got a bit dizzy and had to sit down for a few of the postures. Another difference is that I tried a different time. Rather than 4pm I went at 9am. The studio certainly smelled better at 9am! The class went from 9-10:30, I spent the next 2 hours cooling down! I finally stopped sweating and took a shower at 12:30 and got on with my day. On a good note, I was in an endorphin high for the rest of the day!

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