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A great walk and New Shoes

A nice long walk today to downtown Portsmouth, Pierce Island, the commercial fishing pier, through the old fishing village and Strawbery Bank, back downtown to the running store — picked up a new pair of running shoes — and home!

My new shoes are soooo comfy, they feel like I’m walking on Tempur-Pedic foam, and for the price they should! But I needed a new pair, my old ones made my toes go numb, uggh.

report on new program

The new exercise program is good. Two days ago I really worked my legs — squats, lunges, abductors, adductors, calves and then onto abs and lower back. Wow I was already a bit sore yesterday, today even more so! But today was check, shoulders and triceps day so off the the gym I went! Feels good!

A New Workout

This week I started a new weight training program at the gym. Up to this point, I’ve been hitting all of the eight major muscle groups every each time I worked out (about 3 times a week). That has been working out well, but after 6 months, it was time to vary the workout.

To mix things up, and increase the effectiveness of my workouts, I started a program where I work just 2-3 complementary muscle groups a day — pecs, shoulders and triceps on day one, lats, biceps on day two, and legs and lower back on day three. I throw in abdominal exercises every day. Each day, I do 3-4 reps of 3 exercises for each muscle group — totally working the muscle. Then since I don’t come back to those exercises for a week, the muscles have plenty of time to rest and recover. Today is leg and lower back day.

Checking in

Just checking in with my blog friends! I am happy to report that I am still working out at the gym and still running. I’m not doing either as much as I’d like…but I am averaging at least 3 days a week of exercise. I’ve been increasing my weights at the gym and I am up to 70 lbs for my “heavy set” on the bench press and squatting 95lbs!

Kelsey tells me that I should give Bikram yoga a try. Hmmm, maybe in the fall. Any “Bikram-ers” out there? What are your thoughts?

Lastly, I am happy to report that I am down another pound. (I know it doesn’t sound like much but I am in the home stretch so it is s – l – o – w). Two more to go to reach my goal of 13 in total! Oh let’s make it 3 to go and change the goal to 14. That will give me some wiggle room to have an ice cream now and then!

How are you all doing with your exercise and/or diet goals? Sometimes sharing can help you get motivated and keep you on track!