A run full of Memories

I can’t remember the last time I had such a good run! Let me start by saying I found myself in Manchester with some extra time and my running clothes handy. I started out on North River Road and decided to route the old route.

Wow, the memories came flooding back. As I started out I noticed how pretty the blooming phlox was. I was about to remark, “Oh how pretty”, but 1) I was alone and would appear a little crazy, and 2) I knew that Jackie would not be happy! I kept running and thought that it was a little humid. Humid runs always make me think of Laurel. On hot humid summer days, when the rest of us were struggling, Laurel took the lead, feeling her best ever. I guess being able to breathe easy has that affect on people.

As I approached “the hill” I muttered a quick “uh oh” (there are no hills on the Seacoast), but I put my head down and kept running and remembering. Boy, we had some great conversations to get us through the tough spots on the run! We had our conservatives and liberals, vegetarians and carnivores and those in between (something about not eating anything with eyes). We talked about saving the down trodden and the opening of bow hunting season, about cigars and the shenanigans in the White House, the frustrations of working for a non-profit and the frustration of work in general, husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends, ex-husbands/ex-wives, kids, recipies…you name it. Not only did our talks get us through the hills, they got us through life!

As I continued along I came to Stark Park the park looks nice, a bit spruced up! I was glad to see that the water fountain was still there. It was always a treat on the way back to stop at the water fountain. We’d get to it, stop our watches, have a quick drink, then start the watches up again (sometimes we forgot to restart). If I remember correctly Colleen’s belief was that we shouldn’t stop the watch, but we needed every second!

I went on to the little store. I am glad to see that it is open again! I was going to just turn around, but no I went around the pole for old time’s sake (I hope no one was looking). As I headed back toward the park I remembered my last run in Manchester with my “Y-friends”. We went up to the store and on the way back we stopped at the water fountain in the Park as we always did. Most everyone was on the run that day. Mary (that would be Pretty Mary, not to be confused with the other Mary) wondered away from us, toward a tree and came back with a bottle of champagne and we had a bitter sweet toast to my moving away. That had to be one of the all time best!

As I made my way back down North River Road I realized that I just had the best run ever, and I felt like all my friends were with me – Jackie, Colleen, Laurel, Mary, Lynne, Peg, Lisa C and Lisa M (now Lisa O) Ellen, Bob, Bill and Peter.


  1. Those were great times and great runs.
    I miss those days!

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