Calories in, Calories out

Losing weight is theoretically simple.  Take in less calories than you burn during the day and you will lose weight.  But how do you know how many calories you should be taking in?  Well there is a formula involving basil metabolic rate, height, ages, activity levels that is accurate for most people.

You can use one of the many calorie calculators found on the internet.  A good one I found is at You put in your weight, height, age and it will calculate the amount of calories you  need to eat to maintain your weight,or to lose weight.  You can lose weight by eating fewer calories or exercising more, or any combination of the two!

I like this calculator because it presents a reasonable number of calories.  Remember, starving yourself by eating fewer calories than your body needs is not only unhealthy, it is counter productive to losing weight.  When you eat fewer calories than you need, your body believes it is starving and actually slows down your metabolism for self defense.


  1. I agree with the concept of calories in calories out…in my youth I was the manager of an Elaine Powers figure salon, remember those??? I also lifted weights and could bench press 145lbs. which for a female isnt too bad…back in the early 80’s. i need to lose 10lbs. I like the Atkins type plan, less carbs more protein….I also like the NON DIET concept…dont say you have to lose anything…because in your mind if you lose something, you have to find it again…. hense the yo-yo effect. I am with you I need to get and keep in shape for my blood pressure and back………thanks .

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